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Welcome to the City of La Quinta's RFP Webpage!

Here you will find requests for proposals (RFPs) for professional services the City is seeking.  If you're interested in proposing on any of the services listed below, please download the RFP document and follow the instructions therein. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be advised that any and all amendments to the RFPs below will be posted on this City of a Quinta webpage.  It shall be the responsibility of the consultant and/or interested party to check back periodically, prior to the specified deadline, and download any addendums associated with the RFP of interest.


  • Department:Building and Safety, City Clerk, City Manager, Community Development, Community Services, Finance, Public Works, Senior Services, LQ 2035 General Plan , City Council, Facilities Department, Community Resources, Design & Development
  • RFP Number:FY 2017-2018
  • Start Date:03/06/2017 11:45 AM
  • Close Date:03/31/2017 5:00 PM

The City of La Quinta is soliciting proposals for Marketing Services for Fiscal Year 2017-2018, which begins July 1, 2017 and ends June 30, 2018. If your firm would like to consider this engagement, we invite your response due no later than 5 p.m. PST on March 31, 2017. 


Responses to Questions - All questions regarding the RFP will be compiled and responded to weekly (if necessary). 


  1. Of the proposed budget you provided, what percentage would you want applied to services vs. advertising/media?

    In the past we have done 30% Services & 70% Ad/Media, however we welcome recommendations through your RFP.


  2. What percentage of your advertising/media budget is spent outside the Coachella Valley?

    Approximately between 25-35%


  3. Please describe your ideal agency partnership / relationship.

    The City’s ideal partnership is one where joint collaboration on creative would be present, however the agency would be the “expert” on the media plan.


  4. Do you prefer a retained engagement or a project-based engagement? 

    The City prefers a retained engagement where all costs are considered and accounted for in the total amount budgeted.


  5. What are the top 3 priorities for the City’s marketing over the next 12 to 18 months.


    Enhanced Marketing Campaign

    Additional media platform recommendations


  6. What do you feel are the City’s 3 greatest marketing challenges and what do you think the solutions are?  


    Current brand – Looking at enhancing the City’s brand that meets our guiding principles

    Options – Identifying other options with media platforms and understanding the newest technology to incorporate into our marketing campaign.


  7. Are you happy with your current partners?

    We currently have great relationship established with our partners however the City goes out to RFP every 3 years.  


  8. What do you like best about your current partners and what would like to improve?

    Open availability and great listeners when understanding our needs.  


  9. Is going out to RFP part of a standard operation procedure for the City ( i.e. required every 3 years ) or are you looking to make a change with your marketing partners?

    This is a standard operation procedure for the City of La Quinta.


  10. If you were going to put a percentage chance of changing partners with 100% being absolutely and 1% not at all, what percentage would you put on this RFP?

    The City remains open minded when evaluating every proposal.


  11. Our firm specializes in public opinion and municipality marketing as a segment, if selected - would you require exclusivity in the category? Meaning we would not be able to work for any other local or regional Cities?

    We do not require exclusivity as our current agencies work with other cities locally. We believe that a solid creative agency should not have a problem creating creative/media campaigns that differentiate one city from another.


  12. Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this? 

    We would like to see companies located in the U.S. if possible so that efficient collaboration could happen in regards to meetings.


  13. Whether we need to come over there for meetings?

    There will be meetings where the agency is required to physically be present.


  14. Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA?

    The tasks are preferred to be completed within the United States.


  15. Can we submit the proposals via email?



  16. Is there an incumbent for this work? If there is, are you happy with their work? If not, what issues did you have with their work?

    Please see Question #8


  17. Have you defined target markets or do you require the development of target markets from the selected agency?

    We are open to recommendations on target markets.  


  18. Regarding references for similar services, is there a requirement to have a reference for every work element line item from Graphic Design to Media Buying? Is there a specific number of references needed for this RFP?

    Looking for a reference for the entire category versus every work element line item. So for example, a reference for graphic design as a whole.


  19. Is there an internal prioritization of the individual work elements? Is web site design more important than traditional media?

    While digital is becoming a stronger element, we are looking for an even balance of traditional and digital marketing.


  20. What CMS currently drives your web site? Will selected agency be working directly in your current CMS?

    Currently we work off a custom CMS that would need to be learned if a new agency is selected.


  21. What was the previously negotiated budget for this type of work if one exists? Can you supply the existing budget by work element if one exists?

    We are requesting work plans for (3) different amounts, our current marketing budget for both traditional and digital is $266,000.


  22. What is the largest email you can receive? If our proposal is too large to send as an attachment, will you accept a link to download from a service like HighTail.com?                                                                                   I believe we can receive e-mail up to 15 MB. We are completely ok with a HighTail or Dropbox link for delivery.

  23. What period of time will this contract cover?
    This will be a one-year time period beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018.

  24. Is there an incumbent agency on this contract?
    We are currently working with two agencies on this contract.

  25. Does the City currently contract with any agencies for any of the services included in this RFP?
    Yes, we have two agencies currently; one who is in charge of media buying and the other for digital services.

  26. The RFP request three annual work plans for three different dollar amounts, and it lists 10 components of work. For each work plan, are respondents required to include all 10 components? Or may agencies include only recommended components of work?
    We are open to recommendations of level or work plan based on budget amount.

  27. Does the City have a pre-determined emphasis on how much of each component of work it desires?
    Please see Question #1

  28. The published value of the contract includes an unusually wide range. Has the City Council or City Manager approved a specific dollar amount for this work, or will City Staff use these proposals to solicit formal approval for the final contracted budget?
    Budget is still being determined and these RFP's will be a part of the final decision making process.

  29. Are the three tiers of budget ($275k, $400k, & $550k) all-inclusive of graphic design, photography, website services, social media management, videography and print production in addition to media buys?Photography, Videography and Print Production will have a separate budget for additional costs but the City is looking for agencies who have the capability to execute the task.

  30. In the Economic Development portion of the proposal, you state that agencies "must be experienced in developing and implementing a public sector economic development marketing communication strategy etc." That is very specific experience. Would you be willing to have one agency handle this effort and give the community & tourism campaign to another agency, or will it all go to the same agency?
    We are open to multiple agencies to handle work flow if necessary.

  31. Do you have a separate budget for the Economic Development strategy & implementation or does this fall within the three tiers of budget ($275k, $400k, & $550k)?
    This would fall into the same budget. 

  32. Will the current brand be retained or are you looking to revisit the brand?
    We are open to recommendations on our brand. 

  33. Is there a messaging strategy in place? How did Gem of the Desert come to exist?
    The Gem of the Desert has been part of the city brand however we are looking to enhance that brand and evolve it into something more. 

  34. Confirm that you are looking to drive more tourism? When?
    Yes we are looking to promote tourism year round, not just during peak season (Oct - May)

  35. Provide demographics of your idea visitor.
    Our visitor demographic is a wide range. We are high in brand recognition with Adults 45+, however we are looking at reaching Millennials, Generation X'ers and Young Families as well.

  36. Provide your Economic Development strategic plan. 
    This is something new that we are focusing on in terms of creating a "marketing" campaign for Economic Development and we are looking forward to reviewing recommendations on how to execute. 

  37. Do you envision using any existing assets or will the partner be responsible for creating new ones?
    Probably a bit of both. We have a photo/video library that has been recently updated, but we are always looking to add to it. 

  38. You have described tactics (video, newsletter, campaigns, etc.) in this RFP...are you expecting responses for complete media plans at this time based on the three budget tiers provided? 
    The City is looking for flushed out ideas/concepts of these type of concepts or campaigns. We understand that exact numbers and plans can be difficult to produce, however the City is looking for fresh ideas and presentations that would fit within those budget amounts. Additionally, respondents are responsible for execution of these tactics such as writing copy, providing talent, design, etc.

  39. Are you looking to redesign the current city website?
    We are actually already in process with our current partners to re-design the City website and it will be launched next month. 

  40. Are you open to a different approach to this RFP to get the results you want?
    The City is completely open to hearing recommendations of different approaches. 

  41. Who will we be working with on a day to day basis?
    The Marketing & Communications Supervisor.

  42. How will each respondent be graded/compared to one another?
    A panel of City Staff will be meeting with selected respondents based on those that meet the initial criteria. 


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