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Here you will find requests for proposals (RFPs) for professional services the City is seeking.  If you're interested in proposing on any of the services listed below, please download the RFP document and follow the instructions therein. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be advised that any and all amendments to the RFPs below will be posted on this City of a Quinta webpage.  It shall be the responsibility of the consultant and/or interested party to check back periodically, prior to the specified deadline, and download any addendums associated with the RFP of interest.


  • Department:Community Resources
  • Category:Public Works/RFP Subscribers
  • RFP Number:2017-0406
  • Start Date:03/17/2017
  • Close Date:04/06/2017 5:00 PM

The City of La Quinta is soliciting proposals for Leadership Development and Training Programs for Fiscal Year 2017/18. The Request for Proposal (RFP) outlines the scope of work to be performed, information required, evaluation criteria, and other relevant information.  If your firm would like to consider this engagement, we invite your response due no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 6, 2017.

Responses to Questions:  All questions regarding this RFP will be compiled and responded to below.

1.  In the scope of work, you mention “critical thinking skill training at all staff levels” but I don’t see any other details such as objectives, how many employees you’d include, the desired length of training, etc. Any additional details here would be helpful.  

The Scope of Work includes a listing of four levels of staff, in there it states how many employees each level includes.  As part of this RFP, we would like firms to design their own training programs based on experience with other agencies and the amount of employees we have at the different levels. 

2.  As part of the scope, you’ve included evaluating the need for coaching at Supervisor/Management levels. Do you mean an evaluation the use of coaching overall in the organization or for each person at those two levels? Do you also want included in the proposal a scope and price for coaching? 

Yes, coaching will be a part of the costing on an as needed basis.  A great example would be if a department reached out for coaching, what would be your evaluation process and what would the cost be.

3.  When does your 2017/18 fiscal year start?

Our Fiscal Year is July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.

4.  Is there a specific Contract Number for this RFP?

The RFP Number is 2017-0406

5.  Is there a section on your website that covers additional questions and answers regarding this RFP that other bidders have asked that we may review? 

We will be posting all Q&A on the RFP website (http://www.la-quinta.org/Home/Components/RFP/RFP/131/831) as they come in.

6.  Do you have a public Bidders List that indicates those of us who intend to bid on your RFP? 

We do not have a list sharing who was invited to participate in the RFP.

7.  Under section 5, "General Proposal Requirements, d", can you clarify "direct & indirect costs, including all out-of-pocket expenses"; does this include expenses for reproducing all program materials, and the cost of program assessments tools (ex. 360 assessments), or are these covered by the City of La Quinta? 

This includes all costs relative to performing the services within the Scope of Work in Section 2 of the RFP.

8. We assume travel costs associated with this engagement will be reimbursed per the City of La Quinta Travel Policy, is this correct? 

Travel costs should be included in your cost bid as costs relative to performing the services within the Scope of Work in Section 2 of the RFP.

9.  On page 5 of 32, paragraph 4 (a) wants 3 examples of “experience in providing leadership development for municipal government agencies and quasi-government agencies that can serve as references.”  The majority of our experience is with county-level government organizations.  Would that be acceptable? 

Yes, County level government qualifies as Municipal Government.

10.  On page 3 of 32, paragraph 2 identifies the participants for the program such as:  Executive Level (Directors x 6 employees).  Does this mean there are 6 people in that leadership level?

Yes, the numbers of employees are listed for each 4 levels.

11.  It is entirely up to us how we recommend the training be provided to the different levels or do all levels need to complete the same program?

All levels do not need to complete the same program; your recommendations are entirely up to you.

12.  Is there any issue with combining levels (i.e. combining the Executive level with the Advance Level managers)? 

If firms believe combining levels would benefit the program being recommended, that is acceptable.

13.  Please clarify what you mean on page 6 of 32, paragraph 5 (b), “Firm to provide the City access to 360 tools or other items that can be utilized in the organization.”  Is this as part of the leadership program, i.e. we must include a 360 assessment within the program for participants or, is this beyond the participants in the program?  And if outside of the program, what do you mean by “provide the City access to 360 tools…?” 

If firms are recommending any type of 360 assessments, the City is requiring access to those tools for the ability to use them for future needs.

14.  Do you have a budget for this program? 

There is currently not a budget in place for this program.

15.   A question on this RFP in regards to Section 4.3 on page 13 of 32 – subcontracting. Does this section preclude the use of contract labor to perform services as long as the entity maintains control over the work?  The idea would be to complete the bulk of the work using employees and bring in qualified consultants to perform specific pieces.

The section referenced does specify that Consultant shall not contract with any other entity to perform in whole or in part the Services required hereunder without the express written approval of the City.  We are looking to assign this program to a Consultant whose principals and employees have the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to complete the program in-house.

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